After studying all the aircraft kits available on the market, we discovered that most of the high performance airplane kits were taking an average of ten (10) years to complete and with an extremely high financial cost.

When the Loadmaster was in development, S.E.C. decided to adopt some basics that are now our standards:

  • The Loadmaster can be put together in 2000 hours, making it the fastest assembly kit on the market in its category.
  • Everything that you need to complete a flying airplane can come with the kit, including tools, engines, propellers, instruments, etc.
  • The entire manual is full of pictures and drawings, providing easy understanding for persons of any nationality.
  • Construction is all metal and all the parts are marked, cut and finished, leaving to the builder only the job of assembling.

The faster construction kit is also available, and comes all pre-drilled, leaving to the builder only the work of riveting.