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  • Can you imagine flying a six-seater, lightweight airplane anywhere your heart desires?
  • Can you imagine this plane being so compact that you could fold or remove the wings and store it in your garage until you’re ready to fly it again?
  • Can you imagine this plane costing less than $600,000?

If this same aircraft was fueled by kerosene, and could reach a distance of up to 3,200 miles…

Would you be interested in finding out more about this amazing aeronautical innovation that will revolutionize air travel?

The plane of the future is available today.

The Loadmaster:

It is a symbol of high-flying innovation. The Loadmaster built by Space Exploration Corporation turns myth into reality.

Welcome aboard. Buckle your seat belt, and sit back while you enjoy the trip with Space Exploration Corporation on their maiden discovery journey to an exciting and lucrative future in air travel!


Space Exploration Corporation manufactures small plane engines and lightweight airplanes, available as either kits or ready-built planes.

S.E.C. is dedicated to finding ways to build a better, faster, and cheaper small airplane for public and/or military use.

The SIC codes 3721 (aircraft) and 3724 (aircraft engines and parts) apply to this industry. This business plan will forecast the next three business years.


After studying all the aircraft kits available on the market, we discovered that most of them were taking an average of over five (5) years to complete and at an extremely high cost.

When the Loadmaster was in development, Space Exploration Corporation decided to adopt some basics that are now our standards:

1. The Loadmaster can be put together in 2000 hours, making it the fastest assembly kit on the market in its category.

2. Everything necessary to complete a flying airplane can be ordered with the kit, including tools, engines, propellers, instruments, etc.

3. The entire manual is fully illustrated with pictures and drawings, providing easy-to-understand instructions for persons of any nationality.

4. The plane is constructed using all metal parts, which are visibly marked, cut and finished, leaving the builder to only assemble the plane.

5. The faster construction kit is complete, featuring pre-drilled holes ready to be riveted.

6. Most light aircrafts use piston engines designed in the 1940’s. They are fuel thirsty, obsolete, and expensive. S.E.C. and the Loadmaster use modern turboprop jet engines, developed specifically for the Loadmaster.

7. After many years of researching and testing, we developed and tested the SXE-3000, an extremely light and compact turboprop jet engine.

8. It is a self-contained jet engine with 300 HP and capable of using a wide variety of fuels. Most of these fuels are half of the cost of the gasoline used by the heavy, fuel thirsty, piston engines.


SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION builds three high-performance engines, the 300, and 600 HP that can be used in the assembly of the Loadmaster. One of these engines is the SXE-3000 turboprop jet engine, which produces 300HP at a phenomenal maximum 65,000 RPM! For comparison’s sake, a typical small piston engine has a maximum of 4,100 RPM. The SXE-3000 jet engine is 15 times more power-per-pound than comparable piston engines!


The Space Exploration Corporation project took root in early 1998 when our burning passion to create a better, faster, and more affordable plane than anything already on the market. We had the foresight and vision to see the importance of a bridging the gap between different types of airplanes. As intelligent entrepreneurs, we saw the opportunities that existed to grow and capitalize this new market, and after careful and thorough research, we decided to develop and design a new plane and engine for this enormous market.

Preliminary market data shows the small aircraft market to be in the trillions of dollars. SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION seeks to obtain 1% or more of that market.


Space Exploration Corporation is a Florida Corporation founded in July 1998


SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION company headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. With an expected growth at full production we have our sights on an even larger facility with another Florida Airport Authority. As we achieve our expansion goals, the mentioned Airport Authority has agreed to build a larger facility to house our operation.


The kit plane industry is divided in two parts:

1. high performance
2. low performance

The low performance kit planes generally are airplanes with cruise speeds below 100 miles per hour, with shorter construction time and lower cost.

The high performance kit planes are expensive airplanes, with long delivery times (minimum of six months). It takes an average of ten (10) years to assemble a high performance kit.

SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION designed the LOADMASTER with the best of both worlds in mind. Our kit can be assembled in as little as 2000 hours, in a small space, with no necessary shortcuts. All the parts are already manufactured, labeled, wrapped and are clearly marked to facilitate assembly.

The Loadmaster has a performance not found in any other airplane with the same power. It can reach up to 3,200 miles (1,200 standard) with the extended tanks, can cruise at 175 miles per hour (turbo – short wing) and go from Florida to New York in less than 6 hours on $350.00 worth of fuel carrying up to 15 people plus luggage.

Another highlight of SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION is that the LOADMASTER, is a versatile aircraft that can easily be any of the following:

  • Flying Motor home
  • Military aircraft
  • Light cargo plane (3,500 lb cargo)
  • Rescue / Ambulance aircraft
  • Flying bus (up to 14 passengers plus crew)
  • Flying refrigerator (cold transport). Capable of up to 21 hours endurance at 170 miles/hour.

Another interesting fact is that SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION has also developed their own engines, from 300 hp all the way to 900 hp turboprop engine.


The Loadmaster can be used for transport as an executive airplane or for a weekend getaway. Therefore, the target market is small business owners as well as young, rising professional couples wanting a quick retreat.

The Loadmaster does not need to be stored in a hangar since the wings are removable and can be fitted in a trailer, it opens many more doors to ownership for more people, as storage is not an issue. Also, the empty plane only weighs 2300 pounds!

We are targeting both the “experimental” enthusiast market and the military market for our plane and engine. These markets encompass not only America but the global markets as well.


The demographics of SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION’s consumers are:

90% male, with annual incomes of $200,000 and above. Additionally, small foreign governments are also SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION’s targeted customers.


Major Competitors in the small plane market are Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault, and Cessna (a division of Textron, who manufactures other planes).


Preliminary patents and trademarks will be filed. Finalized patents will be sought at a later to be determined date.


Present production capability is 100 plane kits per year and 500 engines. With additional financial resources, production can increase to ten times present capabilities.


SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION recognizes the importance of producing the highest quality and safety features for its aircraft and engines. SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION will become ISO-9000 certified to further its mission and image by striving to manufacture the safest products possible.


Select industry trade shows, such as the annual Oshkosh Air Show, The Sun and Fun Air Show in Lakeland FL and Le Bourget Paris air Show in Paris France are key events in the promotion, awareness and exposure of our innovative products.

Large numbers of annual sales are expected from these events.

The Internet is also a significant medium for educating our prospective customers. To that end, we are developing a strong web site presence to advertise and promote SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION to the global markets.

To complete the marketing strategy for SPACE EXPLORATION CORPORATION, the following supplementary methods will also be considered:

  • Brochures
  • TV and Radio Ads
  • Select Magazine Ads
  • Press Releases and Feature Articles
  • Targeted Banner ads and Affiliate Advertising Programs